Avatar producer Jon Landau has pinned the blame on Fox for the poor sales of Ubisoft’s game adaptation for the blockbuster movie.

Speaking to Wired magazine after the 3D Gaming Summit in Los Angeles, Landau said that filmmakers need to work more closely with game developers to ensure both quality and appropriate marketing.

“[Developing these games] can’t be studio-driven,” Landau said. “It has to be filmmaker-driven. I think [game companies] need to go find the Jim Camerons, Steven Spielbergs and Peter Jacksons of the world and develop the relationships with them.”

With regard to Ubisoft’s Avatar game, Landau suggested that 20th Century Fox made several “missteps” including underestimating the marketing required, and not allowing the developer to release an early trailer.

For our part, Ubisoft’s Avatar game was visually presentable but suffered from especially poor gameplay – no amount of marketing or trailers was going to change that.