Telefrag is a new full-length web video show all about games - the first of its kind in New Zealand. Gameplanet has been working hard to bring you this first episode of what will be a regular feature presented every fortnight right here on Gameplanet.

You can stream each part using the player above - or click the download link to get it in full HD 720p.

We hope you enjoy it - and we'd love to hear your feedback, so please post a comment if you like it or have any ideas for improving the show.

In this episode:

Part 1
Aylon Herbet plays through God of War III and James Cullinane talks to two of the developers from SCE Santa Monica Studio.

Part 2
Andrew Perry goes racing in the Blur multiplayer beta (it's like a riced up Mario Kart, we're told).
Aylon Herbet gets bloody trying out Splinter Cell: Conviction.

Part 3
James Cullinane and Nik Hardy talk about their experiences getting thoroughly schooled in the StarCraft II beta.