Rain of Reflections - Chapter 1 gameplay trailer

Lionbite is proud to finally present the first look at the gameplay in our upcoming dystopian adventure Rain of Reflections, with a trailer consisting entirely of in-game, real time footage.
The gameplay trailer briefly touches upon everything ranging from the world exploration and in-depth dialogues to the turn-based strategy components and hacking minigames.

The introductory Rain of Reflections chapter – “Set Free” – centers around Wilona, a scientist working towards a solution to our future world's sudden infertility. As she starts doubting the morality of the experiments, she decides to free the live subject – the lastborn child – from captivity. This will prove difficult, as powerful forces try to stop her.

Lionbite Games is an indie studio consisting of a small, ambitious team based in Stockholm, Sweden – and first chapter “Set Free” is planned for a release on PC in the coming months
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