2012's Most Anticipated Games
Something to look forward to.
It's been far from a slow start ... Fervent StarCraft community to adopt StarCraft II over its predecessor? With Valve in charge however ... Czech. Downpour is coming in March. StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm The first expansion ...
Live Blog
BlizzCon: StarCraft II gameplay panel
Details about missions + map making tools.
Blizzard's Dustin Browder, Mike Heiberg and Matt ... StarCraft II may have slipped to 2010, but that hasn't dampened the fans' enthusiasm, with ... expect from an RTS. [11:08] In StarCraft II they're trying to build ...
Supreme Commander 2 review
What elephant in the room?
Starting to think StarCraft II is the iPod of real time strategy games. Hear ... show, none of them quite got there. StarCraft II is the big RTS this year. Very ...
Telefrag - Red Dead Redemption, StarCraft II, World of Tanks (E003)
Episode 3 of our new regular video show.
Impressions of the StarCraft II singleplayer campaign from our hands ... Finally, James Cullinane discusses his experiences playing StarCraft II's singleplayer campaign at a hands ...
Telefrag: Episode 1
NZ's first web video show all about games!
Splinter Cell: Conviction and StarCraft II ... Their experiences getting thoroughly schooled in the StarCraft II beta ...
Starcraft Universe Alpha gameplay video
This looks familiar...
Game mod project for StarCraft II originally named World
BlizzCon: WoW will use Battle.net 2; no plans for WarCraft 4; ANZ servers still "being talked about"
Your burning WoW questions answered.
Blizzard's J. Allen Brack talks to us ... Team is working on StarCraft II and its expansions first) and more details about ... actually the team that made StarCraft II, so they're working on StarCraft over the next ...
Snippets: Double Fine has 4 new games, Zeschuk on paid DLC, SCII client now available
Let's get digital.
Comic Con panel on July 22. StarCraft II client now available for digital download (vg247) - Those ... purchasing StarCraft II digitally can download an encrypted version of the game starting today, in preparation ...
Snippets: StarCraft II patched; Just Dance 2 sells 5 million; Gameloft on cloning
"Maybe one new idea a year."
News found elsewhere on the internet: Starcraft II patched to v1.2 (vg247) - Blizzard have made Starcraft ...
StarCraft II trilogy announcement
Terran, Zerg & Protoss.
. ... During the StarCraft II panel at BlizzCon 2008, Blizzard announces that StarCraft II will be released ...
Snippets: Blizz drops the SCII banhammer, Tim Schafer to be awarded
Hackers zerged.
Sports games would be. Blizzard smashes StarCraft II cheaters (eurogamer) - he game industry has gone banhammer ... from playing phenomenal real-time strategy game StarCraft II. "We recently took action, including suspensions ...
Global StarCraft II League finals to be held at BlizzCon
Complements Battle.net Invitational.
Jung Won, said, “I don’t want StarCraft II to become an e-sports title like ... players and teams compete in both StarCraft II and World of Warcraft Arena PvP. Between ...
Snippets: No NGP delay, EA vs Acti round 2, the C64 lives!
Well, sort of.
News found elsewhere on the internet: Official StarCraft II mods released (Eurogamer) - Three of the four ... official StarCraft II custom mods announced by Blizzard last year are now done, dusted and ready ...
Snippets: MJ MMO devs prepared for ridicule, Weta making Halo buggies
Nuff said.
Ears out. Blizzard developing mods internally for StarCraft II (vg247) - Blizzard has said ... develop mods internally for StarCraft II, in order to offer “polished gameplay experiences” for fans. Visceral ...
Major League Gaming will no longer host the World StarCraft Championship
Major League Gaming will no longer host the World StarCraft Championship
Will focus on own events.
Will then run its own StarCraft II event – the Spring Championship in Anaheim – from June ... watching Season 1, look forward to showcasing StarCraft II at the MLG Spring Championship, and wish ...
Snippets: Scouts introduce gaming badge, MOH and BC2 crossover, SC2 beta hits Macs
For health and ammo sharing?
Martin Sheen and Robert Duvall moments. StarCraft II Beta Deployed To Macs (Kotaku) - Attention, my fellow ... second class Mac gaming brothers: the StarCraft II multiplayer beta is now available to download from ...
StarCraft II for Christmas?
U.S. retailers showing December date.
Retailers have adjusted their product listings for StarCraft II to show a release date ... often creates teaser pages before major announcements. StarCraft II is a sci-fi RTS, the long ...
New Starcraft 2 gameplay movie released
Terran versus Protoss.
Have released a new gameplay movie for StarCraft II, the hugely anticipated RTS expected ... ultimate competitive real-time strategy game, StarCraft II will feature the return of the Protoss, Terran ...
Snippets: SCII sells 3m, Schafer: Double Fine is not an "art house" developer
He's "trying to sell out!"
Whereas the first game had only three. StarCraft II sells 3 million in a month (eurogamer ... announced that pristine PC and Mac game StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty sold three million copies ...
Blizzard-endorsed StarCraft II MMO-style mod hits Kickstarter
Blizzard-endorsed StarCraft II MMO-style mod hits Kickstarter
An ambitious undertaking.
Free-to-play mod for StarCraft II that only requires the free starter edition of Blizzard ... alternate reality, where the ending of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty has a grim conclusion ...