Popular PS Vita monster hunting title Toukiden: The Age of Demons is coming to Australia and New Zealand next month, Tecmo Koei Europe has announced.

Developed by Dynasty Warriors studio Omega Force, Toukiden is set in a world inspired by various historical periods of Japan, and tells the tale of humanity’s last stand for survival against monstrous demons that have invaded through cracks in space and time.

According to Tecmo, Toukiden features extensive character creation options, six different weapon types (each of which can be forged and upgraded to the player’s preferences), and 200 characters based on both fictional and historical Japanese figures.

It has sold more than 470,000 units in Japan since its June 2013 release.

Those who pre-order through the Playstation Network will receive an in-game bonuses in the form of the Mitama of Momotaro (a warrior’s soul that will strengthen the player’s skill), and a piece of armour (cat ears).

An exact release date for Toukiden is still to be announced.