The Call of Duty franchise has been quite a popular, and otherwise successful, World War II first person shooter on almost all gaming platforms (PC, PS2/3, Xbox/360 to name a few). So it is no surprise that eventually it would make it onto the PSP.

The PSP title is Call of Duty: Roads to Victory, and thrusts you into three single-player campaigns, which come to 14 levels in total. Each campaign has you playing as an elite soldier from a different country, USA, UK and Canada. In the American campaign you are an 82nd Airborne Division paratrooper, a British Parachute Regiment commando in the British campaign and a Canadian First Army rifleman in the Canadian campaign.

This one of the few WWII games to incorporate the Canadians, but unfortunately it doesn't introduce anything unique to be excited about. In fact, in terms of gameplay and story, having these three countries doesn't offer anything unique.

One would have thought that the countries and the different individuals from each nation would have formed the basis of an elaborate and interesting story for the game. But alas, the developers failed to take this opportunity, and it seems quite obvious that they didn't think a storyline was important.

Each campaign starts off with a video clip reminiscensent of war propaganda movies in that era as an introduction, and each level starts off with a text-based introduction, then that's it for the story - quite lame, really. Surprisingly, it also appears that Roads to Victory's levels are based on lesser (but arguably still important) historic events of WWII.

However the levels, while remaining highly scripted (a distinct feature of CoD games), are varied enough so that it isn't a tedium to play through. A case in point, as part of the American campaign (which takes up approximately half of the 14 levels), is when you get to man the machine guns of an American bomber to rid enemy fighters from the sky before they shoot you down.

If killing hordes upon hordes of enemies/Nazis are your thing, you won't be disappointed. For some reason, the developers have decided on the old trick of spawning endless foes (a la Serious Sam, which PC gaming boffins should know well), which is something usually not seen in the more serious WWII FPS games. Some may find this annoying at times, particularly because it is unrealistic, but more because of Roads to Victory's lack of AI and cumbersome and unresponsive controls.

For the latter, RtV is not necessarily completely to blame. Afterall, the PSP isn't really geared for FPS' and most, if not all other PSP games in the genre have suffered the same. There are four different control schemes, though they effectively aren't much different and the default option is mostly good enough.

The analogue nub controls movement and the face buttons are used to aim. The D-pad reloads, cooks/throws grenades, changes weapon or holds breath and changes posture. The left shoulder button zooms down the current weapon's sights and the right button fires or melee attacks. Melee attacks automatically occur when you are close enough to an enemy.

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