Since its initial release on Xbox and PS2, The Warriors make a return, but this time on PSP. The Warriors is based off the movie of the same name released late 1970s. In the story mode, it opens with the journey of a small Coney Island gang making their way to one of the biggest gang meets the city of New York has ever seen. The gang meet is address by Cyrus, the head of Gramercy Riffs, one of the biggest gangs of NYC. His lone words of “Can you count suckas!!!” echoes across the 50,000 plus strong gang members. But just as Cyrus continuous he is shot dead by rivals and the blame pinned on the witness Warriors, and hence the story begins.

The game then takes you back to Coney Island, home turf of the Warriors and some time before they were infamously accused of taking down Cyrus. It looks initially at the initiation of Rembrandt into the Warriors and also doubles as a training exercise to give you an idea of the various combat styles used. Although it is only a couple of dead beats you take on, it is actually really good.

The controls are relatively straightforward with each of the Warrior's abilities pretty much the same. The developers have stayed with the times and focused a lot of the attack on hand to hand combat. You can throw opponents around or be brutal and unforgiving by tackling them to the ground and hitting them furiously about the head, cage fighting style. Unlike GTA, the hand to hand combat seen in Warriors is a lot better and offers more variety.

As the game continues, it looks into the coming of the Warriors and how each came to be one. This sways away a little from the movie, but it does actually add a bit more to it. It builds on the gang’s history, characters, gang rivalries and a wee bit of their general background as well. It pulls the game together nicely, tying it in with the missions and characters.

Fresh from beating up on a couple of dead beats, the game moves into the first couple of missions. They are relatively straightforward with Warriors pulling off some petty crime, ripping car stereos and smash and grabs. It again builds on how to do certain things like the 'War Chief' command. The War Chief command puts you in a position to call the shots for the gang. Get the whole gang to follow you or make them scatter as quickly as possible to avoid the cops. It also comes in handy when you need some much needed backup.

Once the small stuff is out of the way you then move right back into the swing of things. The game revisits the NYC gang meeting and its abrupt end. As everyone scatters, the rise of the Warriors begins. Make your way through some of the toughest and probably the weirdest gangs around, as you try and make it across the city back to Coney Island. Like the movie, you encounter gangs like the Baseball Furies, a gang with full baseball kit, wielding bats and masked with a bit of face paint, to the Hi-Hats, a crew that roll along Broadway. These gangs are only a taste of what’s to come. To make it even harder the cops are always on your back and converge on you when you least expect it. You can hit it out with them but do so at your peril. These cops are no slugs and are more than willing to go toe to toe with any one of the Warriors.

Most of the gangs' attacking styles are very much the same. The variance really comes in the amount gang members they throw at you and what they might be packing. To your advantage though, most of the environment around you is destructible. Throw rivals through windows, into the cars or grab what you can. If you have to do a runner, then try busting through beat-up wooden fences or smash through windows; try anything - you never know your luck.

Moving away from the story mode, The Warriors also has a quick rumble mode where you can go one on one against any gang. Or if you want to toss it up a bit then you can jump in with a few gang members at once. As well as the multi-player mode, quick rumble mode can also be played in two-player mode.

The Warriors overall is a great game. The majority of it is beat-em up, but with the odd mini missions thrown in along the way it does offer a bit more variety than most. The hand to hand combat and layout is probably what sticks out most. The developers have stayed true to when the movie was released and have not thrown in anything ridiculously out of character. This game is definitely one game to have for the collection and now that it is on PSP it will be one for the road.