Tekken has finally arrived for the PSP and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Tekken is a fighting game with a long history. On the PS2, the game is enjoying a popular run with Tekken 5 being the most recent release. So, it was only a matter of time before the PSP version was released and boy, what a little beauty it is.

Fighting games in general are not really expected to have a storyline as such. But the story behind Tekken: Dark Resurrection is based on Tekken 5. Dark Resurrection is really more like an expansion to Tekken 5 on the PSP platform. And in a lot of ways, which we will detail in this review, Dark Resurrection is the superior game.

The background to the game relates to a fighting tournament called the Iron Fist Tournament. Of course, like any other fighting game, the format doesn’t change; you play your opponents using as many kicks, punches and combination moves as possible to win. That much we’ve seen before. But one of the best features in Tekken: Dark Resurrection is the sweet array of game modes available. Although the game modes are incredibly well done, the best by far is Story Mode. This is where you will more than likely spend most of your time as you go through each character’s story, detailing why each character is entering the tournament. It’s a real treat to play a fighting game with characters that are more than just avatars fighting in a ring.

The other game modes are also well worth playing. Next to the story mode, you can play the ever popular Arcade mode or Quick play mode, both of which allow you to go head to head with your choice of character. In total, there are around 30 characters to choose from, with the arrival of two new characters: Lili and Dragunov, each with unique stories to discover in the game.

We just wouldn’t be doing this game justice if we didn’t talk about the beauty of Tekken: Dark Resurrection. If there were ever a PSP game that was beautiful enough to drool over, it’s this one. With animation that will simply knock your socks off, Tekken: Dark Resurrection could easily set new standards for graphical development of PSP games in the future. The vibrancy of the colours and textures are amazingly clear and exquisitely smooth in appearance.

With the option to customise your characters, you can have characters that look pretty much however you want them to look. Now, there’s a whole lot more to kicking butt than there used to be. Now you can kick butt and look good while you're doing it. The developers of Tekken: Dark Resurrection obviously understand that there is a need to look good, even if you lose!

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