A lot of the games being released on PSP have been ports of games already tried and tested on the PS2. However there are some exclusive PSP titles that have been impressive and one, which we have managed to get some hands on time with and which will probably fall into this category, is Sony’s soon to be released Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow.

Logan's Shadow is the squeal to the popular Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror. Syphon Filter is a series that dives deep in the world of espionage and follows Gabe Loagan, an agent who is out to fight the world on terror. Logan's Shadow doesn’t deviate off this storyline, as it sees Gabe on the hunt for extremists who have hijacked dangerous technology which would bring chaos if unleashed.

Although the theme is somewhat similar to previous releases, it does throw in a few twists to cast some doubt over the mission and those with whom you serve. It makes for some interesting times and adds to the experience of the game and what it has to offer. The thing though that makes Logan’s Shadow stand out is its new combat system.

Going in guns blazing is great for a bit of fun, however you probably won’t last long - but more importantly it removes the gloss off some pretty good gameplay. Using stealth and strategically moving through the battle area is key; use crates, walls, or anything you can get behind to take cover. From here gamers will have the ability to first aim, and then pop in and out of cover, taking quick shots at enemies. Then again, you could also pull out an automatic rifle and pump them full of metal.

Another new feature to the established combat system is the ability to send the enemies into cover. Using Blind Fire, gamers can now fire randomly from cover, sending the enemies scattering and also allowing you to take up another vantage point. The system works well and designed for more of strategic approach, which suits the style of the Syphon Filter series.

With all the fighting going on, you might think that having it on the smaller screen may compromise the whole experience. However Logan’s Shadow features some pretty good scenes and some time has been spent putting a fair amount of detail through each of the battle grounds you pass.

From what we have played, we can safely say that Logan's Shadow is above the ports that are continually being passed down to the PSP. It seems like a well rounded game from its intuitive controls, variety of play and mini games on hand.

Key features:

Havok physics engine provides life-like physical reactions on both characters and environments.
New and improved weapons, such as grenade launchers, sticky mines, smoke grenades, and flash bangs.
New character actions enable players to force enemies to take cover with "blind fire" or protect health with the new "human shield" features.
Underwater physics allows players to experience 360 degrees of water navigation to explore shipwrecks and target enemies with new underwater weapons like the bolt pistol and spear gun.
Improved buddy mechanics.
New mini game features, brand new to the Syphon Filter franchise.
All new story written by Greg Rucka, critically acclaimed author of comic books and novels (Batman, Gotham Central, Queen and Country).
All new sound track featuring award winning composer Azam Ali.