'ello 'ello 'ello! Wot's all this then? Gangs, turf wars, and street brawls? I say sir, this is Merry Olde England after all; none of those common gutter fisticuffs... it's just not cricket!

No it's not cricket, it's Gangs of London, a spin-off title from the popular The Getaway franchise. The lid has been lifted on London's criminal underbelly, giving you the chance to be guv'nor of one of five gangs as they battle it out for supremacy in England's capital. Take charge of the Cockneys, Yardies, Triad, Russians or Pakistanis in a no-holds barred turf war portraying the tensions and racial stereotypes that provide the stable fare of news rooms and welfare agencies everywhere.

The name of the game is 'dominance'. You are challenged to fight and maneuver yourself into the title of Kingpin of London's underworld. There are no Queensbury rules here; you get to the top by playing dirty. Each mission allows you to control a whole team of gangsters, and hot swap between them all as the battle unfolds. This game is part graphic novel, part driving, and part all-out action with a healthy dollop of strategy (plus a side order of mushy peas).

Speaking of strategy, there's also a "Gang Battle" turn-based game to provide a change of pace from the core action game. Here, you can take on up to four other gamers on a single PSP, or compete against the AI. Combat plays out like a cross between poker and a board game, where you must commit forces to both defend and attack turf. Turns are phased so your strategy is only revealed during the movement phase. Throw in some bonus cards and you have the formula for quite an absorbing game - the first of its kind on the PSP.

And that's not all: there's also a Free Roaming mode, where you can dispense with the story and strike out on your own, selecting your favorite character, vehicles, weapons and hit the streets to carve out your own turf. It's you against the gangs and the coppers.

...but wait, there's more! How about a taxi challenge, where you can take on the London cabbies at their own game? Based on the knowledge test that cabbies must undergo to earn their license, by the time you're through with it you'll call London your second home. If the pace of all this proves too much, you can have a quiet pint (warm of course), and enjoy some traditional pub games, such as darts, skittles and pool down at the local.

With so many game options on offer, combined with great graphics and the portability of the PSP, Gangs of London is shaping up to be a title to meet all our entertainment needs - wherever we may be. Jolly good then; move along!

Gangs of London is on track for release on 8th September.

Game Features:

Choose from five different gangs and witness the story unfold.[/list]

Engage in tactical urban combat and swap between gang members on the fly.[/list]

Over 60 missions that offer a mix of shooting, tactical battles and multiple driving challenges.[/list]

Story Mode allows players choose the gang they want to lead and must use strategy and skill to stay one step ahead of the opposing gangs.[/list]

Gang Battle mode provides gamers with an interactive map on which they must use criminal force to attack and defend areas of London. Gang Battle mode can be played with 1-5 players on a single PSP system.[/list]

Free Roaming mode allows players to explore and tackle the streets of London on their own terms as they choose between a variety of characters, vehicles, weapons, time of day, and police levels.[/list]

Tourist Mode tasks players with exploring and photographing the city’s most famous landmarks to unlock game extras.[/list]

Gangs of London also offers a set of British Pub mini-games that include darts, pool and skittles, all of which can be played with 1-2 players on a single PSP system.[/list]

Game Share mode generates a new level unique to each PSP system. Once activated, players will find themselves faced with uniquely different mission objectives, environments, characters and weaponry.