Since The Division 2's first Raid dropped, the community has been rather outspoken on the increased challenge encountered by console players.

PC players managed to blast through Operation Dark Hours in five hours, while their console counterparts took a whopping three days to beat the challenge.

Although more console players have now managed to complete the Raid, the difference in numbers between console and PC is rather alarming. Seven thousand players on PC have completed the task, while a paltry two hundred have achieved the same task on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Players are becoming increasingly divided on the seemingly insurmountable challenge, with some relishing the tough as nails challenge and others demanding tweaks.

Despite the outcry, the developers have no plans to alter the challenge on offer, During a recent State of the Game, community developer Chris Gansler stated "We’ve heard rumours about us changing the raid difficulty. There are currently no plans to change that. We know the raid is harder on consoles, but we are happy with where we’re at.”

The developers went on to state that they are indeed listening to player feedback but made a point to state that they made no promises to implement tweaks down the line.

Have you tackled Operation Dark Hours yet? If so, what do you think of the difficulty level?