Anthem players have been reporting a number of issues over the weekend, prompting Sony to issue refunds in some instances.

Issues include Anthem closing out to the main PS4 menu, and shutting the console down to restart, with one player reporting the game has bricked his PS4 completely.

Meanwhile, some are reporting that after contacting PlayStation Support, they received a no-questions-asked refund. Although they did note that the wait time was lengthy.

Anthem's publisher EA has noted it is now investigating the issue.

Recent patches have already fixed a slew of problems, including loading times and loot mechanics. It seems like there are still a few kinks left to iron out.

In Gameplanet's review, Baz Macdonald called the game "half baked" – disappointed by the game's "unmet potential at every turn." It certainly seems like BioWare needed longer with the title before releasing it to players.