A brand new Death Stranding trailer was released during a Tokyo Game Show panel and introduces us to Troy Baker's character, "The Man in the Golden Mask".

The brief new glimpse at the game continues the trend of previous trailers by leaving us with more questions than we had before watching.

In the footage, the mysterious new antagonist, conjures a massive cat beast from the tar-like substance and warns Norman Reedus' character "All you gotta do to make it out alive, is not get eaten". Tell me that doesn't look like a missing boss from Bloodborne...

Satoshi Mikami will voice the new character for the Japanese dub. Fans may recognise him from his role as Ocelot in the Japanese version of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Check out the strange new trailer below!

The TGS panel also featured some amazing new character art by Metal Gear veteran Yoji Shinkawa. Check it out in the gallery bellow.

Death Stranding TGS trailer features Troy Baker

We still don't know much about Death Stranding, including when it will release, but the frequent drip of teasers is keeping hype levels trough the roof.