Blizzard's latest Overwatch comic, "Reflections," contains a significant revelation about Tracer's sexuality - a revelation that precludes the comic's distribution in Russia.

The holiday-themed comic reveals that the game's box-art mascot Tracer is gay, living with her girlfriend (and new character) Emily.

It confirms long-held rumours about the character, especially given Blizzard's earlier claims at BlizzCon and elsewhere that the Overwatch cast included multiple queer characters.

The revelation caused grief among fans who had "shipped" Tracer with fellow character Widowmaker, but fans in Russia aren't even able to read the comic to have their slash-fiction dreams dashed.

When trying to access the comic in Russia, users are faced with a message saying, "In accordance with Russian law we cannot share this comic with our players in the territory of the Russian Federation."

In a statement to Eurogamer, Blizzard confirmed that it had "preemptively decided not to publish given the climate in Russia and Legal feedback."

Russia passed a law in 2013 banning "gay propaganda," or anything that presents queer relationships in a positive light - which Tracer's romance in "Reflections" would certainly fall under.

Earlier this month, Russian officials called for a ban on FIFA 17 for its support of the "Rainbow Laces" campaign.