Battlefield 1's performance on the PlayStation 4 Pro is improved to the point of offering a multiplayer advantage over original PS4 owners, says Digital Foundry.

In situations with high graphical stress, tests found the PS4 Pro build of the game offered up to a 47 percent frame rate increase over the vanilla build.

Though neither build runs graphically demanding, 64-player situations at a full 60fps, the PS4 Pro offers "a 10-15fps advantage."

In twitchy multiplayer games, a higher frame rate doesn't just look prettier; it offers lower-latency input and response, potentially making the difference in split-second shootouts.

Most players won't benefit from the performance increase, but it still makes the playing field uneven.

Since this week's 1.04 patch, some players have reported poorer performance on the PS4 Pro, but Digital Foundry found "no obvious impact" in side-by-side comparisons.