Overwatch will receive a new hero, new game modes, new maps, and an official e-sports league, developer Blizzard announced this weekend at BlizzCon 2016.

The studio debuted Sombra, the game's latest character, after months of speculation and obtuse clues.

Sombra is a Latina hacker with a short-range machine pistol, whose various abilities can prevent enemy ability use and disable shields, hack health kits, teleport short distances, or make herself invisible.

Replacing the game's Weekly Brawl mode, Arcade mode is a collection of gameplay types that will allow players to earn up to three loot boxes a week, simply by winning three matches.

Modes include one-on-one Mystery Duel, in which players are randomly assigned a character to fight another player; 3v3 Elimination, in which teams may not change their hero selection mid-round; existing modes like Super Shimada Bros, High Noon, and MOBAwatch; and new Brawl variants with different combinations of heroes.

Quickplay mode will see limits placed on the numbers of any given hero that can appear on a team, while a new No Limits arcade mode will alllow for free team composition.

The smaller game modes will be played in part on a new map, Eco Point: Antarctica - in the fiction of the game, the previous station point of fan favourite character Mei - while another new map, Oasis, will follow later.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Overwatch League will bolster the game's e-sports potential, offering players the opportunity to try out for professional teams, centred around cities.

Blizzard plans to enforce minimum salaries for League players, moving away from the prize-pool-driven model associated with most e-sports.

Overwatch League will commence in Q3 2017, expanding in 2018 into a season that covers the Northern Hemisphere spring and summer months, with an off-season covering the rest of the year.

Sombra and the new modes will come to players via the game's public test server next week, before eventually making their way into the game's proper rotation.