Sony's PlayStation VR virtual reality headset doesn't just work with the PlayStation 4, enterprising users have discovered.

As it turns out, the headset can function as an ordinary head-mounted display when plugged into a non-PS4 video source - with no additional hardware or mods.

Connecting the unit's HDMI cable to an Xbox One - or a Wii U, or even a PC, according to some reports - will place the console's video output in front of the wearer's eyes.

According to reports, the effect is much like looking at a giant television (or using one of Sony's other, non-VR head-mounted displays).

Head tracking doesn't work without the PS4 driving the device - the display remains static and anchored to users' faces - but the fact that the hardware is able to parse a standard, "flat" video signal is curious in and of itself.

PlayStation VR is out now, and is basically sold out everywhere in these parts.