Ubisoft's upcoming online brawler For Honor will have a "cinematic" solo campaign attached to it, says creative director Jason VandenBerghe.

Though the game's five multiplayer modes are its main focus, VandenBerghe told Gamespot the campaign is "intended to be a full experience."

"It's a full story campaign, a cinematic adventure where you will play as the knights first as the Warden, then you play as the [Viking] Raider, then you play as the [samurai] Orochi," VandenBerghe said.

"We built the campaign so that if you bought the game just for that, that you would be satisfied even if you never went online and played multiplayer."

The story follows the war between its three factions, all of whom are being played off against one another by antagonist Apollyon and her Blackstone Legions.

Ubisoft has said that the game's recent closed alpha was the largest in company history, with hundreds of thousands of players logging an average of over 4 and a half hours each; at one point, the game was the second most-viewed title on streaming platform Twitch.

For Honor releases February 14th on new-gen consoles and PC, and can be preordered via Mighty Ape.