Two additional game modes have been confirmed for Titanfall 2 - one old, one new - and accessing one of them may require bowing to one of the biggest cliches of gaming culture.

Attrition mode, in which teams of players fight each other, aided and abetted by numerous AI grunts - returns from the original game.

The score limit has been upped from 300 to 400 in the new title, and the AI improved, but otherwise the gameplay appears identical to the popular original Attrition mode.

Meanwhile, a new game mode, dubbed Coliseum, is a one-on-one showdown that grants the winner unique unlockable rewards.

In a move certain to cause controversy, Coliseum mode is accessible "only by Coliseum tickets," which can be acquired from specially-marked packages of Mountain Dew and Doritos, according to a press release.

"Fame and fortune await you in the Coliseum, but only those who come armed with their wits, cunning and Coliseum ticket will taste victory," states the release from the Pepsi-owned junk food brands.

The promotion - which also involves American sports bar chain Buffalo Wild Wings - will also include exclusive skins and executions, and early access to the Ronin class of Titan.

It is currently unclear whether Coliseum tickets will be earnable through gameplay, without the purchase of flavoured corn chips, soft drinks, or chicken wings.

Titanfall 2 releases October 28th for new-gen consoles and PC, and can be pre-ordered from Mighty Ape (as can Mountain Dew and Doritos, for those that way inclined).