The next update to Tom Clancy's The Division will fix a number of ongoing gameplay balance issues, according to developer Ubisoft Massive.

Time-To-Kill has been adjusted to give endgame NPCs a more gradual difficulty curve, rather than the sharp incline currently seen in the bullet-sponge NPCs over level 30.

Difficulty scaling is also being adjusted to make the path from vanilla level 30 play to that with maxed-out gear more enjoyable and natural; the jump between Hard and Challenging modes in particular is being re-examined, and Heroic difficulty will be reserved for incursions only.

Players at Level 30 will be able to select a "World Level," which scales NPC difficulty levels and loot drops across all activities.

Enemies will now max out at Level 33, with Level 34 and 35 being eliminated completely; however, Level 33 will be retuned to compensate.

Loot rewards will be re-adjusted to grant a wider array of loot from a wider array of activities, enabling players to progress meaningfully by engaging in the events they enjoy most; any enemy will have a chance (however small) to drop any loot.

Additionally, Ubisoft says it will "bring back and improve upon the importance of gunplay" in the game, though details are scarce on how that will be accomplished.

The changes are a result of Ubisoft's decision to delay the game's forthcoming DLC in order to focus on the core game experience.

Ubisoft is also introducing a Public Test Server for PC players this week, which will serve to test upcoming changes against the game's player community.