Players of zombie action game Dying Light have really outdone themselves, according to statistics released by developer Techland.

In a new video entitled "Book of Records," the studio released a slew of data recorded by the game, revealing (amongst other things) that players have:

Destroyed 389,300,768 roofs, or all the houses in India and the United States combined;
Travelled 1,000,105,940 kilometres, or approximately the distance from Earth to Jupiter and back;
Climbed 125,105,940 km, or over 14 million Mount Everests;
Driven 49,380,980 km, or about 1200 laps of the Earth;
Set off 422,106,064 firecrackers, equivalent to about half a kiloton of TNT;
Cut off 303,105,714 heads, which would collectively weigh half again as much as the Troll A offshore natural gas drilling platform, the heaviest manmade object in history;
Run over 835,582,580 zombies, or over 200 times the entire historical road toll of the United States;
Fired 130,106,024 arrows, which would cause enough damage to defeat every Dark Souls boss, at NG+6, over 27,000 times.

To celebrate, the studio announced the launch of "HyperMode," a limited-time event that will see players' characters gain increased strength and motor skills, including "the ability to dropkick harder than ever before."

HyperMode runs this weekend from 3PM Saturday to 2AM Tuesday, New Zealand time.