Sony is soon to begin selling PlayStation Move motion controllers again after a long dry spell, spurred on by the impending release of the PlayStation VR.

Indeed, the wand-style controllers will be newly packaged in two-packs, labelled with PSVR branding.

The package appeared on EB Games, priced at AU$119.95 and NZ$129.99.

Sporting new model numbers, the new Move controllers appear to maintain the design of the older PS3 model, but will likely now charge via Micro-USB.

Though the Move's (and the required PlayStation Eye camera's) lack of inclusion with the PSVR headset caused some controversy on announcement, Sony later stated that PSVR games would only require a standard DualShock 4 controller to function, making Move controls more of a bonus feature for certain titles.

Sony will also sell a rifle-style motion controller called the PlayStation VR Aim to provide 1-to-1 control for VR shooters.

Like the slim new PlayStation 4 model, the new Move package's existence has emerged despite a lack of announcement from Sony.

PlayStation VR launches October 13th, and can be pre-ordered from Mighty Ape.