Respawn Entertainment has responded to player feedback on last weekend's Titanfall 2 technical test, answering questions and outlining the game's path forward.

Up front, the studio stressed that the test build was a "slimmed-down view of the game," featuring fewer weapons, abilities, and maps than the full game.

The test - based on code from June, thanks to console certification timelines - was designed primarily to examine the performance of the game's dedicated servers and "Stryder" matchmaking software, including their ability to withstand high traffic and network attacks.

Respawn also sought player feedback, and has offered solutions or explanations to many common complaints.

Regarding player movement, which many fans criticised for being too slow, the studio said the change "stemmed from a desire to improve our gunplay, and not a desire to slow down movement," and that player speed would be given a more significant buff when using features like wallrunning.

On that subject, game director Steve Fukuda noted to Shacknews that slower player movement was designed around "having players [make] more proactive decisions [...] instead of reacting to everything," citing the difficulty for players "to have a predictably unpredictable kind of experience."

Titans themselves will become more mobile, with faster dash recharging, and more survivable, with weapon and defensive capabilities seeing tweaks.

Players will also now fill their Titan meter - which, when filled, allows the summoning of a Titan mech - in a passive manner similar to the first game, rather than in the purely kill-driven model seen in the tech test.

One previously unadvertised gameplay change involves the rodeo mechanic, in which players leap onto and sabotage enemy Titans: where previously this meant an instant kill, now the player removes a battery from the Titan, reducing its health and gaining the ability to re-insert the battery into a friendly Titan.

Titanfall 2's second tech test begins Saturday morning at 4am New Zealand time, with the full game slated for an October 28 release date on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows.