EA and DICE today announced a new game mode coming to Star Wars Battlefront in the upcoming Death Star DLC, bringing space combat back to the franchise for the first time since 2005's Battlefront II.

Dubbed "Battle Station," the mode plays out over three distinct phases, each of which operates in a fundamentally different way.

Phase 1 sees players taking to space in X-Wings, A-Wings, TIE Fighters, and Tie Interceptors, fighting around a Star Destroyer that plays more or less the role AT-AT walkers play in the game's Walker Assault mode.

Phase 2 plays out on foot, inside the Death Star, with the Rebel team attempting to extract a strategically-important droid from captivity.

Then Phase 3 heads back into space, in a recreation of Star Wars' iconic Death Star trench run sequence - featuring hero ships piloted by Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

Battle Station sits alongside other new content in the expansion, like new gear and new heroes in the form of Chewbacca and Bossk.

EA also revealed the full name of the game's upcoming virtual reality mission, now clumsy titled Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: X-Wing VR Mission.

A brief, free mission that ties into new film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, it will have players flying an X-Wing through an asteroid field in defense of a Corellian blockade runner under attack from Imperials.

The Death Star DLC hoves into view in September, while the game's VR component will launch alongside PlayStation VR in October.