Blizzard will soon upgrade all PC matches of Overwatch, tripling refresh rates from 21Hz to 63Hz.

The "High Bandwidth" mode has been available in custom games since just after the hero shooter's May launch, and according to Blizzard, it has been well-received.

Now the feature will roll out, over a period of weeks, to all PC matches, though Blizzard is considering offering an opt-out option for players who can't afford the extra bandwidth usage.

New tech will also dynamically scale refresh rates when players' connections can't handle 63Hz.

A higher refresh (or "tick") rate makes games more responsive, increasing the number of times per second that the game updates as to where players are and what they're doing.

The popular title originally launched with a lower refresh rate than its largely 60Hz competition, using predictive technology to smooth over the difference, and has seen resultant criticism over missed shots and other erroneously reported in-game events.

Overwatch is now available for new-gen consoles and PC.