Titanfall 2 will make up for lost time in its single-player campaign, in an eight-hour narrative offering a range of gameplay experiences.

In a presentation at developer Respawn last week, producer Drew McCoy told press that the studio wished to satisfy players who "wanted to know more about [Titanfall's] universe and the characters within it."

Produced over two years, the "thoughtful" campaign puts players in control of boringly-named foot soldier Jack Cooper, as he tries to work his way toward becoming a Titan pilot (specifically, with his Titan companion BT-7274).

Gameplay largely revolves around the kinetic environmental traversal and robot-piloting seen in the first, multiplayer-only game, but it will contain some surprises.

Players will have choices as to how they approach combat situations, depending on whether they favour speed, stealth, or all-out firepower.

The game will also serve up variety in mission design, including platforming and puzzle sequences and even environmental exploration.

Some sequences will even see players engage in dialogue with their Titan, building their relationship through dialogue choices infused with humour and/or emotion.

Titanfall 2 releases for new-gen consoles and PC on October 28th.