A slew of new details have emerged regarding the upcoming Destiny expansion Rise of Iron, thanks to GameInformer.

Artifacts, introduced in 2015's The Taken King, have been overhauled, with a new set of eight items granting players abilities like detailed, always-on radar; projectile reflection via swords; and the ability to make enemies switch sides in combat.

The new maximum Light level will be 385, up from 335, rising to 400 upon the release of the Hard Mode version of the new raid, entitled "Wrath of the Machine."

Joining the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher amongst returning Year One weapons is Thorn, the controversial hand cannon that causes damage over time.

The expanded Earth area will include a public event arena called Archon's Forge, operating similarly to the Prison of Elders and the Court of Oryx, while the strikes Devil's Lair and Summoning Pits have been revamped.

In the Crucible, a new mode called Supremacy is on its way, in addition to "a long-awaited feature our community has been clamouring for," in the words of design lead Lars Bakken.

Iron Banner will also receive tweaks, removing reputation bonuses from certain equipment while lowering the reputation required to level up in the monthly event.

Finally, festivals will return in the form of Sparrow Racing and the Halloween-ish Festival of the Lost.

Destiny: Rise of Iron launches September 20th for PS4 and Xbox One.