Destiny’s upcoming expansion Rise of Iron will include a brand-new Sparrow design, inspired by the Iron Lords.

The Iron Gjallarwing follows the same design principles of the popular Gjallarhorn rocket launcher, with silver wings and metallic accents.

For those who do not pre-order, it will be available from the in-game Eververse store - without the black and silver paint job.

Developer Bungie revealed the Gjallarwing via a livestream, in which it also introduced the expansion’s revamped Cosmodrome public space.

In the add-on's timeline, the Cosmodrome has expanded and become coated in snow, as well as in red tentacles that betray the influence of the "Siva" infection on local Fallen enemies.

A higher potential Light level - 355 - was also depicted, promising exciting new opportunities for gear grinding.

Destiny: Rise of Iron releases September 20th for new-gen Destiny players.