Blizzard has introduced the first post-release character for Overwatch, adding a new sniper to the popular hero-shooter and bringing the roster to 22.

Confirming recent rumours, the new character is Ana Amari, a "support sniper" who can damage enemies and heal allies from a distance.

Ana's biotic rifle fires darts that do damage or healing, depending on the recipient of the dart, and can fire from long ranges with deadly (or life-giving) accuracy.

Her biotic grenades heal allies and damage enemies caught in the blast, and both increase team healing from other sources and negate enemy healing.

She can also fire sleep darts at enemies, briefly rendering them unconscious - and cancelling any activated Super.

Ana's own Super, Nano Boost, grants allies faster speed, greater damage output, and improved damage resistance.

A "battle-scarred veteran," Amari is canonically the mother of existing character Pharah, with other relationships hinted at involving Reaper, Soldier 76, and Widowmaker.

The video introduction for the character also contains additional clues about the future of Overwatch.

Two hitherto-unknown characters appear in Ana's "origins" trailer, while a series of hidden hex codes translate to "La que tiene la información; tiene el poder" - Spanish for "whoever has the information, has the power."

Blizzard also introduced a number of balance changes to the game today, including the introduction of a limit of one of each hero per team in competitive mode, aimed at curbing hero-stacking.

Players can try Ana out on the PC Overwatch Public Test Region from today.