Players can now include their smartphone in the list of weaponry available the new Hitman title, thanks to a new companion app that's available on Android and iOS.

The Hitman app informs users via push notifications (if they desire) of new episode releases, as well as weekly updates of new content in the form of Elusive Targets, Escalation Contracts, and Featured Contracts.

It also displays Elusive Targets whilst the game is being played, keeping a target's image visible as players proceed to hunt them down in game.

Alongside the announcement, developer Square Enix has confirmed the latest Elusive Target will go live on July 15.

The target is Dylan Narvaez, aka ‘The Twin’, who will be in Sapienza for 72 hours. His identical twin brother, Gonzales is also in Sapienza and must not be harmed in any way or the contract will be cancelled.

Elusive Target Contracts make changes to the existing locations and use AI behaviour to create a more challenging experience for players. Preexisting knowledge of a location or character routines becomes less reliable, and requires the player to act in the moment as they attempt to take down their target.

The latest Elusive Targets are designed to be difficult, and 'The Twin' is said to be "the toughest one yet".

There are three Hitman episodes currently available: Paris, Sapienza, and Marrakesh.

According to Gameplanet's Matt Maguire, the series found its feet with Sapienza, but the overall experience is marred by connection issues.

"Hitman: Sapienza is a lot of fun and superior to the first episode in every way, but a lot of its content is currently inaccessible for me," he wrote in May.

"So while its sole campaign mission is great, most people won’t find it twenty bucks worth of great (more if you are yet to invest in the game’s mandatory starter pack). If you feel like rolling the dice and seeing how you get on, be my guest. But consider yourself warned – there’s a connection assassin working this neck of the woods."