Square Enix today announced two new games set within the Deus Ex universe, one of which will be included with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Deus Ex GO is a mobile title featuring a "stylised interpretation" of Deus Ex gameplay, much in the vein of developer Square Enix Montreal's Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO.

Players will use turn-based hacking, combat, and augmentation abilities to infiltrate enemy locales and solve puzzles, in what studio head Patrick Naud says is "a fresh, reimagined puzzle experience that celebrates the franchise."

It will also include a custom puzzle editor, in which players can create and share their own levels.

On the console side, Mankind Divided will include a game mode called Breach, an arcade puzzle shooter take on the main game's hacking minigame, in which players control hackers infiltrating corporate servers through virtual reality.

Breach will feature its own XP, upgrade system, and online features, and Square Enix and Eidos plan to support it post-release with regular updates.

Finally, the publisher revealed an 18-minute gameplay demo from Mankind Divided featuring the in-game hub world of Prague.

It shows off some of the game's exploration features, as well as environmental storytelling details surrounding the game's "mechanical apartheid."

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided launches August 23rd for new-gen consoles and PC.