Just Cause 3's latest DLC pack will add drivable mechs and a Half-Life 2-esque gravity gun to soldier of fortune Rico Rodriguez's arsenal.

The "Mech Land Assault" content pack introduces a new island and storyline to the game, involving a prison camp and an abandoned research base.

Mechs in Just Cause 3 can use melee attacks, cannons, and the aforementioned gravity gun in combat, and can also be piloted by AI allies.

The gravity gun (which the game calls a Gravitational Remote Influence Projector, in a patent exercise in futility) can pick up vehicles, enemies, and environmental objects, then hurl them around the map in order to create chaos and destruction.

Previously, the "Sky Fortress" DLC added Iron Man-like jets to Rico's wingsuit; it is unknown what nonsense the final DLC, "Bavarium Sea Heist," will add to the fray.

"Mech Land Assault" will activate for season pass holders on June 3rd, and go on general sale a week later.