The title of the next major Destiny expansion may have been revealed, via a leaked image bearing the moniker Rise of Iron.

First appearing on Reddit before being confirmed authentic by Kotaku, the image is supposedly marketing material being prepped for next month's E3 conference.

It appears to show NPC character Lord Saladin, surrounded by wolves, wielding a flaming battle-axe, in front of a snow-capped and breached section of the Earth Cosmodrome's Wall.

That could indicate the DLC will revolve around the Iron Banner PvP events (of which Saladin is purveyor and wolves are mascots), or it could relate to the Battle of Twilight Gap, a significant event in the game's lore which itself is tied to the Iron Banner.

Destiny's next major DLC may be titled Rise of Iron

Kotaku's sources claim that the expansion will feature a new raid, based around the Fallen enemies, originally meant for release alongside the online shooter's April update.

As for the Iron Banner itself, Bungie is delaying it – and other PvP events like Trials of Osiris – until it can fix a glitch whereby players can generate unlimited rocket launcher rounds.

"Rather than punish players for playing the game in a way we didn't predict, we've been waging an investigation into our code," said community manager David Dague, subtly digging at Ubisoft's response to players using exploits in The Division.

Rise of Iron will likely be presented at E3 in June.