Naughty Dog unveiled its Uncharted 4: A Thief's End multiplayer roadmap today, including the fact that all its DLC will be free for everyone.

In addition, all items in the in-game store will also be unlockable via gameplay.

Lead designer Robert Cogburn says this plan "means that the [i]Uncharted 4 multiplayer community won't be fragmented by different types of DLC."

Community is central to the studio's plan, says Cogburn: "we strongly believe that players must be on an even playing field."

The item drop system, based around chests, will include weapons, boosters, and vanity items, and will reportedly never drop items the player already has.

New content will be released at regular intervals until (Northern Hemisphere) Spring 2017.

That includes new maps, game modes, weapons, boosters, skins and vanity items, and a co-op mode.

Uncharted 4 launches May 10th on PlayStation 4.

Uncharted 4's multiplayer roadmap includes free DLC