Gearbox’s ambitious hero shooter Battleborn is currently in open beta on PlayStation 4, a platform that tomorrow will be joined by Xbox One and Windows PC.

Pre-load is available now for PC and Xbox One, and the beta will run until April 18.

The beta contains part of the game’s episodic-style Story Mode, as well as some of its Competitive Multiplayer modes.

Via Gearbox:

The end of the universe isn’t pretty. Hell, here in the Solus System, we’re looking down the barrel of extinction. The Varelsi are consuming stars – whole stars! – while we’re fighting amongst ourselves over the few remaining table scraps of existence. And if we ever catch up with Rendain, that treacherous jerk will get what’s comin’ for selling out every sentient being left.

Nihilistic robots, dwarves, space luchadores, interstellar soldiers, penguin-piloted murder machines and lots of others, all teaming up to save what’s left of the Universe… that’s Battleborn.

Gameplanet reviewer Toby Berger previewed Battleborn last month. He enjoyed its MOBA-style PvP, but wasn't particularly fond of its campaign.

For a bigger breakdown on what Battleborn is all about, check out the bootcamp trailer below.