The speed-run record for Dark Souls III has already dipped below two hours, despite only being available in a single territory.

Speedrunner Jung Ho Min cleared the game's Japanese release in 1 hour, 42 minutes, and 10 seconds, by skipping optional areas, utilising unintended shortcuts, and running past most enemies.

FromSoftware's Souls titles are favourites for speed runners due to their perceived difficulty, multiple progress routes, and variety of play styles and gear options.

Currently, the record for Dark Souls stands at 46 minutes, 25 seconds; Dark Souls II, 54 minutes, 5 seconds; and Bloodborne at 35 minutes, 41 seconds.

Given that the new game has not yet launched outside Japan, the Dark Souls III record is likely to come down dramatically in the months to come.

For now, Jung Ho Min's speed run can be viewed below; obviously, spoilers lie within.

Dark Souls III releases in the West on April 12th, for new-gen consoles and PC.