Hitman's second episode will launch this April, taking Agent 47 to Italy's southern coast.

Set in the fictitious town of Sapienza, the pack is said to be "dense, full of challenges and packed with opportunities and stories."

In the meantime, IO Interactive has released the Vampire Magician Challenge Pack for console players, which adds 10 new challenges to the existing "Showstopper" episode, centring around the costume referenced in the title.

IO says the Vampire Magician pack will come to PC "in the very near future."

The studio has also issued a range of improvements to the game, shortening its lengthy loading times, upping menu responsiveness, and improving network connectivity.

Upon its launch last month, Gameplanet's Matt Maguire praised Hitman for its gameplay, but like many expressed displeasure at the lack of launch content – an issue IO clearly seeks to amend.

Hitman Episode 2 launches April 26th on new-gen consoles and PC.