Gearbox's hero-shooter Battleborn will have an open beta period on all major platforms, and include a story mode, the studio has announced.

PlayStation 4 players will get beta access starting 6am NZDT on April 9th, while PC and Xbox One users must wait until April 13th; the beta concludes for all players at 3am NZDT on April 19th.

As for content, the beta includes all heroes and loot, two story episodes (Void's Edge and The Algorithm), and two multiplayer modes (Incursion and Meltdown).

In the full version, the game's story mode will have a "TV-style" episodic structure, taking place over a prologue and eight self-contained episodes, lasting around 30 to 60 minutes each.

The initial season of story concerns a mission to save the galaxy's last star.

Story missions will take a variety of forms, from defensive situations to miniboss-laden raids, and can be played solo or co-operatively.

Battleborn launches for new-gen consoles and PC on May 3rd.