Destiny 2.2.0 launches in April, and brings with it a host of updates and new content, according to developer Bungie.

Though specific details have not been released, the latest Bungie blog post lists the broad strokes of the update's new features:

New PVE Challenges
New and Updated Gear
New Quest featuring the Blighted Chalice Strike
Increased Max Light and Rewards
Sandbox and Crucible Updates
And more…

Data-mining from Bungie's servers has suggested that the Blighted Chalice strike will take place in or around the Moon's Hellmouth location.

Given that the teaser image features previously-unseen Taken versions of gear specific to the Prison of Elders activity, it seems likely that the Prison could receive a long-awaited refresh.

Bungie will host three Twitch streams highlighting the new features:

March 24th at 7am NZ time, on the new activities and quests;
March 31st at 7am NZ time, on new gear and Light levels; and
April 7th at 7am NZ time, on the game's sandbox and Crucible updates.

Destiny 2.2.0 releases on April 12th for all owners of Destiny: The Taken King.