Ubisoft has launched a "societal collapse simulator" in promotion of Tom Clancy's The Division.

Users can log onto the sim's website, enter their address, then watch as it projects (using population density data and a series of questions) how fast the world would fall if the user were Patient Zero of an outbreak of the game's new breed of smallpox.

The Division's collapse simulator just infected Christchurch

In our "playthrough," centred in Christchurch, it took 6 days to infect 50,000 people, at which point the vaccine centre (located at Alice in Videoland, for some reason) ran out of vaccines.

Ten days in, 20,000 had died, and unthinkably, New World Halswell had run out of food.

By the time the simulator ended on day 26, governments and power systems had fallen, and 655 million people had died worldwide, thanks to our attempts to escape to Melbourne.

The Division launches March 8th on new-gen consoles and PC.