UK retailer GAME has partnered with developer Techland to deliver a frankly ridiculous special edition of open-world zombie game Dying Light: The Following, at the cost of 10 million dollars.

The "Spotlight Edition" includes a supporting role in "Dying Light: The Movie," with parkour and stunt training, an off-road driving course (after which you can keep the car), an on-set trailer, premiere tickets and a first-class screening tour, a zombie make-up session, acting lessons from Roger Craig Smith (the voice of Chris Redfield, Ezio Auditore, and Sonic the Hedgehog), and – somehow – the ability to "become the voice of [protagonist] Kyle Crane" in a special edition of Dying Light.

Techland will even throw in a few copies of the game as well.

Previously, a $250,000 Dying Light package had included a real-life zombie shelter.

Though we haven't done the math, there is no way the contents add up to a $10 million value – even with a mighty four copies of the game.

We are suspicious that the price tag – which could fund the hiring of at least a B-list movie star – is equal parts publicity stunt and potential funding for the movie, if anyone actually purchases the package.

Making the whole scenario weirder is the fact that no film adaptation of Dying Light has been announced.

Dying Light: The Following, on the other hand, is out now for new-gen consoles and PC.

Techland and GAME announce bizarre $10m Dying Light special edition