Players can expect more AAA-grade developers to start shipping games episodically, says Io Interactive head Hans Seifert.

Describing the studio's upcoming Hitman to Ars Technica as a "platform," rather than a game, Seifert said that many people had asked why the studio won't simply wait and release the full game later.

Seifert responded to such questions with the statement that "we are shipping the game at the end of the season. So, if you're a traditional player, you can buy it on a disc at the end of 2016, if that's what you want. "

"But why should the people that want to come on the journey with us have to wait for all that time to pass?"

Despite admitting that not every game would benefit from episodic releases, "it would be good for many games to do something similar, and many will follow in future."

2016's Hitman will shake up series and industry tradition when it releases more or less mission-by-mission over the course of the year – a practice previously employed only by indie studios like Telltale Games.

It is joined, so far, by Square Enix's remake of Final Fantasy VII.

"This approach is more like running a TV show or a newspaper. You always have to do something and keep working in order to keep up with the promises we've made," said Seifert of the unique pressures of episodic releases.

Hitman launches March 11th on new-gen consoles and PC, and its first season is said to be complete by the end of the year.