A few details have emerged about the upcoming Hitman's episodic structure, beta, and PlayStation-exclusive content.

The stealth assassination game's structure is "inspired by contemporary TV series," according to developer Io-Interactive, and can be purchased as a US$60 season or as individual episodes ($15 for the first and $10 each from there).

Io-Interactive says the fully episodic structure will let the game tell both compartmentalised assassination stories as well as weave a larger narrative involving multiple characters.

PS4 owners will have access to six additional contracts over other versions, collectively telling a story about fictional paramilitary unit CICADA – the first of which, dubbed "The Director," will be available on day one.

Players who preorder via the PlayStation Network will also get access to the game's beta a week before other preorderers, on February 12th.

Hitman's first episode launches on March 11th for new-gen consoles and PC.