Ubisoft has released details on its plans for post-launch and season pass content for Tom Clancy's The Division.

Free updates will come regularly, adding new game modes and equipment, while three more substantial, paid expansions will release throughout the game's first year of release.

The first expansion, "Underground," is a co-op adventure set underneath New York City; the second, "Survival," appears to be some variant on Horde mode; the third, entitled "Last Stand," is still being kept secret.

Season pass purchasers also get access to exclusive gear and outfits, as well as unspecified monthly events and content drops.

As demonstrated by Destiny and the bevy of MMOs out there, post-launch content is important in online-focused games, encouraging players to keep playing after completing the "vanilla" content.

Additionally, Ubisoft Massive associate creative director Julian Gerighty illuminated to Xbox On the way in which The Division's story works.

The game will feature three separate (but linked) storylines, respectively concerning the game's viral epidemic, its warring factions, and the restoration of city infrastructure and something Gerighty "can't talk about too much."

"Every mission that you do is going to be linked to one of those story threads and is going to give you a little piece of the puzzle," he said.

Gerighty also mentioned that the game's Dark Zone PVP battles will not feature any loading screens, and that the game can be played solo or online.

Tom Clancy's The Division launches on new-gen consoles and PC on March 8th.