Bungie's in-game Valentine's Day event, "Crimson Days," will bring the greeting-cards-only holiday to Destiny.

The event focuses on partner play, centring around a 2v2 elimination Crucible mode called Crimson Doubles.

In the event-exclusive mode, players whose partners are killed gain a "Broken Heart" buff, giving them maximum armour, agility, weapon handling, and recovery stats.

New shaders, bounties, quests, and Ghost shells (at up to a 320 Light rating) will also appear in the event, and new emotes will be on sale at the Eververse Store, including the Hotline Bling dance.

Crimson Days is the latest in a series of holiday-themed events that represent Bungie's new "small but frequent" take on downloadable content for its online shooter.

The event runs inside of Destiny: The Taken King from February 9th to 16th.