The explosion-filled release of Just Cause 3 has been marred by a litany of bugs and performance issues — on all platforms, for once.

The PC version appears to be the most affected, suffering from freezing, audio/visual desyncing, server disconnects, and most bizarrely of all, the entire ocean disappearing from the game.

Some performance issues seem related to potential memory leakages, getting worse the longer the game is played.

NX Gamer reports that playing the Xbox One version of the game for over an hour results in load times of more than fifteen minutes, frame rates as low as 17fps, and various AI and physics glitches.

Having played some Just Cause 3 on PS4, we have experienced load times upwards of two minutes.

The PS4 version also suffers from frame rate drops, particularly in scenes with multiple significant explosions and physics simulations, which can make the game feel like it's playing (unintentionally) in slow motion.

Just Cause 3's steep minimum PC system requirements include a 2GB graphics card, 6GB of RAM, and a Core i5-2500K or AMD Phenom II X6, making the performance issues all the more galling.

Nvidia and AMD have released new beta drivers to attempt to solve some of the game's issues, but many still remain.

Just Cause 3 is available now on new-gen consoles and PC, though it seems like it might be best to wait for patches to experience its much-vaunted procedural destruction system.