The PlayStation 4 version of Rock Band 4 is missing hundreds of legacy songs, and Sony has now admitted that a fix isn’t coming until next month.

One of Rock Band 4’s main selling points when it hit stores on October 6 was that it worked with any DLC from any of the core Rock Band games – no small deal considering the size of some players’ libraries.

However, with many of those songs not available on PlayStation 4 for European p[layers (that’s us!) – unless you buy them again through the in-game store, strangely – players are fuming.

Now, after weeks of minimal contact with players, Harmonix has finally announced that a bulk fix is coming.

“First off, thanks for sticking with us as we work through post-launch to address the issues you are reporting,” wrote Harmonix product manager Eric Pope on PS Blog.

“We acknowledge that things haven’t been perfect. But I assure you we do care, very deeply, we are always listening, and we’re working through resolving everything.

“We expected we’d be able to say ‘it’s fixed’ a lot sooner than it has turned out to be.

“While we’ve made progress on the North American (SCEA) side, we appreciate it may have been frustrating for players to see less movement on the SCEE side and this is due to slightly different technical processes across the stores.”

There are currently 431 songs with issues on PlayStation Store in the SCEE region.

This isn’t the first time Harmonix has been in hot water with fans since the game’s launch: in late October, some of its staff were caught writing positive reviews of the game on Amazon.