A number of Harmonix staff have been caught posting positive reviews of Rock Band 4 on Amazon.

Reddit user Camera9 started a thread about the reviews, which were posted under developers’ accounts, who were identified through their wish lists.

The Reddit post shows a screencap of reviews apparently written by Harmonix’s legal and music coordinator Morgan Milado, audio QA Richard Cody, and lead character artist Shawn Witt.

Others implicated by the Reddit post include publishing associate Nick Mudry and project manager Matthew Nordhaus, and senior designer Chris Foster.

Harmonix later told VG247 it had taken steps to address the situation

“Harmonix has clarified its internal policy about posting reviews of our own products on retail sites, and we’ve asked that existing reviews be edited to identify Harmonix employees or be removed entirely,” it said.

“While we believe the reviews posted by a few employees were sincere and without ill intentions, as a studio we don’t believe these are appropriate actions. We appreciate the feedback from the community, and take our relationship with our fans seriously.”

Harmonix staff caught reviewing Rock Band 4