IO Interactive has adjusted the release model for Hitman following consumer criticism.

IO’s new Hitman title was first announced at E3 this year with a unique business model in which players would pay US$60 and receive a single mission location, with more content being released periodically the following year.

The game will now release with three locations – Paris, Sapienza, and Marrakesh – and six campaign missions, as well as a Contracts mode in which players can design hits from a pool of around 800 potential targets.

A new payment model has also been introduced, which will allow players to buy the base content released on March 11 for US$35, with the option of buying a season pass for the additional forthcoming content for an extra US$30. The option still remains to purchase the entire package upfront for US$60.

Available to those who own both the base pack and the season pass will be the live-event contracts, which will be limited-time assassination missions created by IO.

The post-launch content releases are scheduled for April, May and June, and will each contain a new location, story missions, and contract targets, as well as new weapons, disguises, and signature kills.

The three post-launch locations will be Thailand, the US, and Japan.

In related news, 47 minutes of Hitman gameplay has come out of EGX: