The new Doom is all about movement and speed, says Id Software.

During Id's Doom panel at Quakecon over the weekend, the developers stressed the importance of movement to the game's success.

According to art director Hugo Martin, players should "feel like Bruce Lee with a shotgun on a skateboard."

The decision to focus on movement isn't limited to speed, which is doubled from Id's previous title Rage.

Said executive producer Marty Stratton: "Not having regnerative health isn't a random choice, it stems from movement. Movement is king and you don't want players stopping to regenerate health, you want them moving forward to see the resources of the game."

To aid in achieving the desired "speed and mayhem," Stratton told Gamespot the game is being designed to run at 1080p at "a fast, fluid 60fps."

Id is aiming for a 2016 release for Doom on new-gen consoles and PC.